Lisbon // Time Out Market Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal. A city, hardly ever considered a landmark destination; but quite honestly, it should!

The humility of its people. The stunning design details, crafted impeccably (and meticulously maintained) on the streets, on the ornate doors and decorative tiled sidings. The food. …

The food……deserves high praise. It’s simple — not fussy. There’s an innate balance in its composition — a restraint in seasoning and flavor. Like its people — it’s unpretentious, yet exceptional. And above all, the food of Lisbon speaks to the respect and pride its people have for their beloved country.

WHAT?  Time Out Market Lisbon 

DETAILS?  Mercado Da Ribeira. Av. 24 de Julho 49, 1200-109 Lisboa, Portugal // 10AM – 12AM (Sun-Wed); 10AM-2AM (Thurs-Sat)   

There is no better destination to experience the pride of Lisbon, than at Time Out Market Lisboa in the iconic and historic, Mercado Da Ribeira. A gourmet food hall, opened in 2014, the space serves both the public and chefs alike. In the early morning hours, vendors, with locally sourced fish and produce, sell directly to the city’s chefs (including those from Time Out Lisboa). From 10am-midnight (and until 2am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings), this thriving, two story building with nearly three dozen restaurants, specialty food shops, bars and clubs, several with Michellin-star recognition, serves the public. 

The energy of the space is infectious, with long, modern communal tables, encouraging friends and strangers to dine together. It’s charm, leaves you wanting more. Visit with an empty stomach, an open mind and several hours to taste, test and enjoy. 


Roasted chicken at Miguel Laffan (pictured above) // Tapas at Cozinha da Felicidade // Cheese and charcuterie at Manteigeria Silva // Beer selection at Super Bock