Salt & Other Vices x YOU is a collaboration, bringing together my knowledge and experiences from years in catering and feeding my own family and friends — and YOU — and your personal ambitions in the kitchen.

It’s designed to inspire creativity, and give you a reason to celebrate everyday cooking. Maybe kitchen fatigue has set in and you need a break from Taco Tuesday. Or perhaps you’re looking to entertain on a grander scale. S&OV x YOU takes the planning off of your plate, with delicious, approachable recipes and ideas, intended to complement your weekly menus and elevate hosting from common to exceptional.         

With S&OV x YOU, I provide the foundation (recipes), but the rest — embracing a recipe as your own by swapping one ingredient for another, or doubling the quantities to feed a larger crowd — is only limited to your interests and creativity.

I’m like you. I’m busy. Meal planning feels like a burden. But, I appreciate the value of a well-prepared meal, the experience around an evening that is made special and distinct, and gathering around a table to connect. I also love a good dinner party where the host can enjoy themselves as much as their guests (pro-tip: it’s all in the planning). S&OV x YOU was designed to help YOU find that joy in planning and preparation, with food that nourishes and recipes that raise the bar on Monday’s family meal or Saturday’s milestone celebration.     

The success of a great meal is measured by the sum of its parts — the ingredients and those who are enjoying it. Together, we will bring people to the table with food that keeps them coming back for more. 



Once your order is placed, you will receive a follow-up email with an attached menu and recipes.