Los Angeles // In the Details

Los Angeles. The City of Angels. Of Flowers and Sun. And, in my own words — the City of “Immaculate Details.”

LA palms at sun-down // Nordstom Local Concept Store // Chocolate Chip Rye Cookie at Sycamore Kitchen

Lavish geometric images and decorative street art, brighten previously blank walls of the City’s well-trafficked streets. Creativity and stunning details of it’s cultured history is EVERYWHERE.

A quick getaway to Los Angeles rewarded my husband and I with sunny skies, killer meals, brilliant eye-candy in the thoughtfully-curated selections of the neighborhood boutiques and some much needed inspiration.

Strolls down Robertson, Melrose, Fairfax, Beverly and West 3rd, lead to discoveries, unwritten on maps and left untold in common city guides. Most notably — Apartment4B, Cake Monkey and Rolling Greens.

While Downtown LA, Grand Central Market, Koreatown and the pure genius behind Row DTLA and Smorgasburg shocked our systems — in the most generous of ways. The grit of DTLA becomes the backdrop, rather than the focus, bringing the brilliance of artists, food purveyors, designers, fashion and architecture professionals, to the forefront of this once dilapidated city zone.

Next time you pass a Chinese restaurant-front — take pause. It may just be a collaborative Concept Shop, dressed in disguise and crafted in the vain of an NYC apartment. The truth is always in the details. (Apartment B)