Welcome to the SALT & OTHER VICES FLASH COOKIE SALE {otherwise known as “If-You-Know-YOU-KNOW” sale} holding and informational page.

On any given Sunday, at 7pm PST, I open the virtual doors of the Sale. You’ll have the choice of two different flavors, each sold by the dozen. Two pick-up locations and dates will be assigned — one on the Eastside, and the other in Seattle.

At this time, Venmo is the only accepted form of payment (@saltandothervices), and must be complete before your order will be processed. Only those customers whose payment was accepted and was able to secure an order, will receive a confirmation.

Thank you so much for your interest and support in Salt & Other Vices. 



How do I find the Flash Cookie Sale? A “Flash Cookie Sale” link will be live on my site on the assigned Sunday at 7pm, PST.

Can I purchase less than one dozen? On certain sales, 6-packs will be made available. Otherwise, only by-the-dozen is available.

I can’t p/u my order during the recommended dates/times. Please just email brett@saltandothervices, and we will find a p/u schedule that works best. 

Where can I the find list of ingredients? A list of ingredients for each cookie sold, is included at the bottom of the order form.

What is the payment process? At this time, I am only accepting Venmo (@saltandothervices). Payment must be made in full prior to your order being completed and accepted.

How will I know if I am among those whose order was accepted? Only those who were able to secure an order (only 20 dozen cookies in total) will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation order, please try back during my next Flash Sale.