Welcome to Salt & Other Vices.

I am the “every-girl” — I’m devoted to my health (nothing in excess), I put other’s needs before my own, I save before I spend, I dream, but not too wide, because I hate to be disappointed, etc, etc, etc. Despite these steadfast traits, I crumble at the sight of a perfect chocolate chip cookie and define my life’s “story” by the quality of experiences — not the quantity.

Over the years, my path has taken many turns. I have forged a solid family unit, owned a boutique catering business, designed a modern home, managed a life style blog, written a cookbook, produced a holiday gift pop-up — all the while, reaching for the next best thing — that one special endeavor that would bring me the most joy. Life works in funny ways. Through my years of hunting and gathering life experiences, I came to realize that not just one thing brings me joy. Food inspires me. Travel inspires me. Art inspires me. Fashion inspires me. Relationships inspire me. Experiences inspire me. Music inspires me. In short, life inspires me.

Salt & Other Vices is the culmination of those things I love most — the perfect platform to blend and share my inspirations with others.