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I’ve never done well at truly committing to resolutions. Perhaps its because I’d prefer to remain non-committal, rather than fail miserably. 

2021 feels different, however. As the year was closing on 2020, I found myself looking back at all that took place, and (for me, personally) the unintentional events, in, what was an exceptionally odd and unbalanced year. Surprisingly, amidst the rubble of 2020,  the gift that 2020 gave to me was that of balance. 

Sure, the standard ebbs and flows of life were thrown off course, and the idea of “making plans” was futile, but with loss came some personal and emotional gains. For me, “quality” superseded “quantity” (in friendships, time with family, sleep, food…..), and this shift is really what has inspired my focus for 2021.

If 2020 taught me anything, its that LESS can definitely be MORE, and I fully intend to live out this mantra into the new year. 

I hope to lead this year with intention and balance, all the while, seeking “quality” over “quantity.” I will guide guided by the idea that “less is more,” and hope to come out on the other side, strongery

but, if 2020 proved anything, LESS is definitely MORE.



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