What She Said…

I read a lot. Maybe not as many books as I would like. I’m talking magazines. Cookbooks. Websites of all capacities and expertise. Newspapers. I’m drawn to content that inspires me to be great….at being great. That teaches me a new skill. That encourages me to reconsider my preconceived notions. That introduces me to people doing awesome things, and in their own way. I’m also, according to Malcom Gladwell’s acclaimed book, “The Tipping Point,” a “connector.” I am a people person. I make things happen by connecting people and am instinctively attracted to the experiences of others.

This editorial space is really to serve my own personal interests, and perhaps, if we’re lucky — yours as well. Maybe you’re like me and find and use “information” to help build on current ideas or inspire new ones. Or maybe you’re just striving to be great….at being great. For whatever reason, indulge me, and take the next few minutes, to read about and perhaps, celebrate cool things, cool people and above all else — life (#lybl*).

FYI: P!nk is a BADA*#! Did you see the Grammy’s on Sunday? If not — you must. Her performance was incredibly moving; standing center stage, sans-highly stylized gown — rather in a simple top and jeans — besides a Sign Language interpreter. In response to the unequal reverence paid to female artists at the Grammy’s, P!ink replied, “Women in MUSIC don’t need to “step up” – women have been stepping since the beginning of time.” You can read her full written letter and the backlash to #grammyssomale — HERE.

Ummmm, I love what I do, but when jobs were handed out, and I chose this path…..I may have made the wrong decision. And here’s why. And to add salt to the wound, I recently read about this couple, who have spent the last two years, exploring the world with their two young children (and making money at “traveling”). Call me jealous….and maybe a little exhausted by their youthful energy and tenacity. Enviable work/life balance. #havingyourcookieandeatingittoo

I take all of my photos using my iPhone. With filters (I’m lookin’ at you……VSCO app), and lighting/exposure applications, etc — images from an iPhone can appear near professional. Even career photographers and directors are using the technology of a handheld, 3″ wide, iPhone. Read, and soon see (on the big screen) for yourself. #neversaynever

You must meet Nusret Gokce, Internet-famous, Turkish butcher. With his handsome Middle Eastern charm and the dramatic fervor he puts into salting his meats, while, of course wearing sunglasses, Salt-bae, as he is fondly called, is shifting his culinary focus from the shores of Turkey to the great U.S.A. According to Gokce, “thanks to me, all of the kids [in Turkey] want to become butchers.” Any predictions of his future in NYC??? #kanyewouldapprove

Now, I’m turning the tables on you. I want to hear your opinion. Let me know what YOU think of this editorial. Please send your feedback/comments/questions to Brett. We would love to hear from you.

*Note: “lybl” = “live your best life”