Cookie Orders

So happy you love our cookies as much as we do!

Order // To place an order (current selection is below), please email Brett Chamberlain  ( or call her directly at 425.765.8379. Once received, an email confirmation will be sent with the details of your order.

Located in Downtown Bellevue, Salt & Other Vices is a boutique operation, that prides itself on its quality of ingredients and preparation methods. Given these standards, we need a minimum of 48 hours notice to complete your order.

All orders will be packaged in our custom painted boxes.

Sorry, we are currently not shipping our cookies.

Delivery or Pick-Up // We have a couple of options for delivery or pick-up:

  1. Pick-Up // A pick-up location in Downtown Bellevue can be discussed. Our standard “pick-up location” is outside of Bartell Drugs on 8th Street (next to QFC).
  2. Delivery // Delivery is available within 5 miles of Downtown Bellevue (98004). A $15 fee will apply to orders less than three dozen. For orders exceeding three dozen, the delivery fee will be waived.

Pricing // $39 per dozen with a two dozen minimum requirement per order.

Payment // Payment must be processed prior to delivery or pick up, for order to be confirmed. Please either contact Brett Chamberlain directly at 425.765.8379 with your payment, or include a phone number with your order, and we can contact you. An emailed receipt will complete the payment transaction, with payment confirmation and final delivery/pick-up instructions.

Thank You!

Brett Chamberlain //

Current Cookie Selection

Vanilla Bean Salted Chocolate Chip // Our “OG!” The perfect chocolate chip cookie (if we do say so ourselves). Crispy edges. Chewy inside. Finished with a sprinkling of flaky salt.

Everything // The name describes it all. Packed with peanut butter, oats, coconut, two varieties of chocolate and salted toffee. A solid competitor in the “perfect cookie” category.

Ode to My Youth // This multi-layered cookie, blends the best of sweet and crunchy ingredients — butterscotch, marshmallow, walnuts and chocolate. A finishing sprinkle of flaky salt heightens this cookie to a new level — far exceeding any sweet memory from my youth.

Hal-a-vah Chocolate Cookie // Chocolate (and peanut butter) lovers unite! This cookie! WOW! A chocolaty, rich center blends brilliantly with pockets of scratch peanut butter halvah (think, the crunchy center of a Butterfinger bar), scattered throughout, bringing this cookie to a level of perfection, all its own.

Coconut Macaroon // S&OV’s Coconut Macaroon is packed with so much coconut, that there is little room for anything else. Sure, we add some sugar and a squeeze of honey to add a floral note, but that’s about it. Gluten free and a mouthful of deliciousness!